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This week Eddie spoke at the 20th Anniversary celebration gala. The event took place at the Torrey Pines Hilton and featured the many successes and honorees of the 20 year legacy of Pro Kids Golf. Eddie, many people may know this from running into him on the golf course, is also an excellent golfer – those skills were first acquired through the Pro Kids Golf program. Thank you to Karen and Bill Fontana for hosting us at their table and for their support of the Pro Kids mission.

Many years ago Eddie was also one of the first recipients of a scholarship to help him attend college from Pro Kids Golf. The program focuses on both academics and sports, teaching kids the life lessons that accompany both along the way. Eddie was a natural for the sports as well as the academics while he was in the program, but he admits maybe a bit of a trouble maker!

The anniversary dinner featured a few speakers who were alumni of Pro Kids and a very entertaining skit “are you smarter than a Pro Kids kid?” The kids of course won against the audience.  Eddie also had an invitation to speak about his experience at Pro Kids, his memories of their founder, Ernie Wright, as well as his project with Kimera and how many of the same fundamentals are a part of Kimera. Please read our “Why Tennis” page for more information. Tennis and many sports are a way to learn about the world, and yourself.

We were honored to be a part of the evening, thank you to Pro Kids Golf for the invitation and congratulations to Pro Kids Golf for the amazing evening and even more impressive success impacting young lives through sports and academics. It is evident that they are on the right track with the wonderful young adults they are producing becoming doctors, educators, mentors, scientists, athletes, and of course our very own Eddie.

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