Greetings From Uganda – Sept 2014

eddie with sugar cane

Greetings Kimera Friends,

We are hard at work in Uganda. Our “First Family” of visitors had a great trip leaving us even more excited to share our progress with you as we have with them.

So far Kimera has acquired a beautiful 6 acres of land in the area of Mpigi, about an hour west of Kampala. The land is beautiful and soon it will be a busy construction site! Our blue prints are coming along and once approved by the local authority we will begin construction on the main building. Our hopes are to break ground by the end of this year with a substantial start on the framing. We will also need to fence in the property, hire a security guard to watch the materials, start on the outdoor kitchen, and most importantly our tennis courts!

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Catherine’s Ugandan Journal


Kimera trip – Catherine’s Blog

Day 1 – Friday July 25th – Arrival and Chicken Dinner

After a flight delay in Amsterdam which caused us to miss our connecting flight from Nairobi to Entebbe, we finally landed in Uganda at around 9:30 am-about 10 hours later than what was previously scheduled. When we stepped outside the airport we were happy to see Eddie greeting us as Rashid-our driver, came to pick us up (a local member of Kimera). Then we made our way towards Kampala; on the way to our hotel we stopped at a roadside market so that my mom could pick some fruits to buy which she liked, such as mangoes. When we got to our hotel, we greeted Rachel and met Zulaika (a local member of Kimera) before heading to our rooms and taking an all-afternoon nap. Then we almost ended up being forced to take cold showers since no hot water was appearing; however, we decided to first check with Rachel if there was any way to turn on warm water…And there was a switch outside the bathroom that needed to be turned on that allowed the water to be heated; Rachel said she had a couple of days of cold showers before finding out, so thank you Rachel!

After getting up we drove to an outdoor Ugandan “food court” near Wandegeya market. It contained numerous tiny restaurants with small eating areas next to a parking lot area. There, people cooked mainly chicken, and some fish, vegetables and chapati (similar to Indian naan). The food was great, and the chicken that I ate at night together with the vegetables was less-dry and had a more soothing flavor than the chicken in the U.S.  Plus, everyone on the Kimera team treated us with hospitality so far, which had encouraged me to help out Kimera Orphanage’s goals.

Though the first day of Uganda wasn’t all that eventful, it contained some light that made it shine.

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Hope For Kimera – Kreslins Visit Uganda!

k1After visiting Uganda and the Kimera site along with meeting the rest of the Kimera team, we are so optimistic and excited to see Eddie’s vision being so close to reality. The Kimera site has so much potential to be a wonderful school and home to countless Ugandan children in need. After visiting some of the other schools and orphanages in Uganda, I also believe that we will be able to slowly help raise the standards in the country for orphanages so that other institutions will want to follow Kimera’s example. This can end up making an even greater impact than what we can do alone.

Tina & Ivan

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