Building Plans – in the works!

Building Plans – Coming Soon

We are excited to be working on finalizing building plans to share with you soon. So far Kimera has been able to register as both a nonprofit in the States and an NGO in Uganda, this was our first major success. From there we have also acquired a beautiful 6 acres of land in Mpigi, Uganda. The land borders a natural forest home to monkeys and fresh water drinking stream.

On our last trip to Uganda we started working with an architect to design Kimera’s first building! We are in the process of finalizing these plans and the cost of building. The building process for the entire campus will be broken down into multiple phases. Once these are outlined we are excited to be rolling out a Capital Campaign by the end of 2014 and early 2015. Stay Tuned!


IMG_2603Eddie & Rashid with local architect

planning at siteEddie, Rashid, & Issac with local architects at site – determining the direction the building should face (answer – towards the forest)


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