You can help!

You are invited to partake in professionally led, 2-hour tennis and golf clinics – improving your game and helping build an orphanage in Uganda at the same time.

We are in the process of building Kimera Orphanage in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, East Africa.

Kimera means “new life” – our goal is to take children off the streets and provide them with a safe and enriching environment to grow up in. In addition to providing high quality education, we will use tennis as a tool to foster dedication, intellect and hope in our children’s lives. “New Life” applies to everyone, all are welcome to come be a part of Kimera. Building will include cottages for volunteers to come teach tennis, play sports, participate in music, or come play in the red red dirt!

Donations of any amount are welcome, and 100% will go toward building the orphanage and bettering the lives of Uganda’s most vulnerable children.

Building will take place over 3 phases, the first one costing $40,000. From there will will grow our reserves and take on initally 20 children. Each year Kimera will grow along with our children.

Founded in 2013, Bows for Change, a non-profit organization, was created with the goal to help others. After learning about all the hardships that children face around the world, I was inspired to make a difference.