Greetings From Uganda – Sept 2014

eddie with sugar cane

Greetings Kimera Friends,

We are hard at work in Uganda. Our “First Family” of visitors had a great trip leaving us even more excited to share our progress with you as we have with them.

So far Kimera has acquired a beautiful 6 acres of land in the area of Mpigi, about an hour west of Kampala. The land is beautiful and soon it will be a busy construction site! Our blue prints are coming along and once approved by the local authority we will begin construction on the main building. Our hopes are to break ground by the end of this year with a substantial start on the framing. We will also need to fence in the property, hire a security guard to watch the materials, start on the outdoor kitchen, and most importantly our tennis courts!

For the first time we have our international team together. We eat sugar cane while walking the site, talking about tennis clinics with local pros, thinking about scholarships, and sharing our vision of building a home for children of Uganda. We have been busy touring other orphanages, schools, and meeting with local leaders in education. Soon there will be cottages waiting for our volunteers to come and spend quality time with the children of Kimera. At that point you will hear less about our team and more about how wonderful the children are doing, aspiring to reach their goals.

Don’t worry, I am still getting in plenty of tennis between meetings; the Ugandan clay courts would help many of my students with their footwork. I will be on my way to San Diego soon to keep moving along with building plans and improving many serves at the same time.



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