Why Tennis?

The purpose of this orphanage is to support each child’s ability to improve on an individual basis as well as in a group setting. Tennis is the gift that Eddie was given and has chosen to give back to the children at Kimera. It will provide smiles as well as discipline. Tennis will help enforce structure, dedication, patience, intellect—all qualities that can help someone become a successful individual in life and a quality member of the global society.

  • Development

    Tennis is a skill first and game second.

  • Teamwork

    Tennis is a game that you can play with others and still excel on your own.

  • Life Skills

    Tennis requires time, structure, dedication, patience, intellect, and the desire to make oneself better. These are all skills that one needs as a base for a successful path through life.

  • Fun!

    It’s challenging and fun!

We are grateful to many of our tennis supporters who are making sure we get our tennis courts built in Phase 1 of building. We look forward to tennis clinics in Uganda as a way to bridge language and cultural differences over a friendly game of tennis.

(Note: some people are worried there won’t be other fun ways of expressing themselves through art or other sports, we assure you there will be however our focus and signature sport will remain tennis)