Future Partner Projects

We are currently looking for other nonprofits, schools and universities, as well as companies to partner with Kimera. If we can create a fundraising program or joint marketing campaign we would like to learn hear from you. Many of the partnerships are large requests, we understand the gravity of our requests but also want to offer the opportunity to those looking for a place to share their gifts and talents in a meaningful way. We hope to find partners for a minimum of three years in order to ensure a sustainable and relatively stable program.

Currently we are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Water

    Kimera’s location provides access to natural, clean drinking water. We will need to partner with a well-drilling company or nonprofit to provide a ground well on our Ugandan campus.  We estimate that this project will cost close to $10,000. This is one of the first major steps in building and critical part of the building plans.

  • Building

    Kimera is in building phase 1. We are working with local Ugandan suppliers for the best possible building plans and construction materials. Eddie will finalize as much as possible this summer in order to begin construction when funds are collected.

  • Solar Technology

    The sun is shinning on Kimera… we are looking for partners to help harness the African sun for electricity and running the technology and equipment needed to create a successful and sustainable campus. The scope of this project is expansive and will require partnership with locals to ensure its long term success.

  • Education

    Education will be a central focus for Kimera. We are working with Ugandan and San Diego Schools to create a custom curriculum and program for our children. Kimera will work with partners to use technology to create satellite classrooms around the globe for both Ugandan and US children to learn from each other.

  • Medical Support

    As a fully functioning home, school, and tennis program for children we will surely run into our share of bumps, bruises, and colds. Kimera will not discriminate against existing medical conditions and may need to provide added support to children as well. We are looking for US partners to ensure basic to extreme needs can always be met without hesitation. This is a substantial ask and we acknowledge that commitment to this request is not done lightly. We sincerely appreciate anyone’s support in this area.

  • Transportation

    One of the beautiful features of the Ugandan campus is its close but distant location from Kampala. In order to provide safe and reliable transportation for staff and children, we will require two large vans as well as their maintenance. We are looking for a transportation partner to help get us safely from place to place! If you have access to a vehicle that can be shipped or funds for purchasing in Uganda we would be looking to fulfill this transportation need upon opening the doors of Kimera’s first dorm.

  • Clothing and Shoes

    Shoes are not just a fashion statement, they are a first step towards health, play, and feeling cared for. As children grow, they literally run through their shoes. We are looking for partners who can help create a sustainable plan that both supports Ugandan businesses while utilizing donations appropriately. We are happy to create a customized solution with a minimum of a three year commitment to accessorizing the smiles of our children with the proper clothing.