Team Member Highlight: Zula!

Special Profile of Team Member: Zula!

If you read Katharine’s blog from her trip to Uganda you would have noticed a major theme: Zula! Zuliaka is a large part of our success so far, like most of our team. She is our Ugandan attorney and dedicated to the futures of all Kimera children.

If you are planning on a trip to Uganda – and we hope you are – you will be treated to the special cooking of Zula as well. She is famous for her chapatti’s (a pancake like crepe) which don’t last long around the Kimera team. She is also known for her great laugh and witty comments that keep even Eddie in check! Nothing gets past Zula, when we need paperwork or connections made in Uganda she is our go-to lady. Zula has been attending conferences and government appointments on behalf of Kimera for a couple years and will continue to represent Kimera when we are up and running.

I would personally like to thank Zula for taking care of me (Rachel) while I was in Uganda for a month, not only would I have not eaten much, but her company was something I looked forward to daily. Hopefully you all get a chance to meet her in Uganda as well as in San Diego.



Here is Zula (left) and Eddie with Lady Irene (center). Zula has been helping Lady Irene get her school for all up and running. When it comes to giving of her gifts and talents Zula is very generous. Using her profession of attorney she is helping write and process paperwork for many charitable organizations in Uganda!


Please see her profile on the team page for more information! 



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